Are You Addicted To Porn?


No judgement or shame to watching porn, however, if you're addicted, how would you know?

According to an article written by Emma Gritt for the Sun News paper, porn addiction is a serious condition which can ruin lives, destroy relationships and cause physical injury.

What are the symptoms of porn addiction?

It is a condition in which an individual has an unhealthy relationship with sexually graphic and explicit materials.

These can include magazines, books, videos, movies, graphic novels, and other formats that show sexual acts and/or sexualised images.

Like any addiction, the addict's behaviour will be kept secret, with them going to great lengths to keep their habit a secret.

Here are some symptoms of porn addiction:

  • Increased isolation from family, friends, spouse, and/or sexual/romantic partner;
  • Failed promises to stop consuming pornography, or deflection to a different kind of porn as “evidence” of decreased consumption and/or being in control (for example, switching from one theme or medium of pornography to another);
  • Negative consequences in professional, family, relational, functioning

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