Baby or Me?

By Wislande Francisque

Choice was a luxury women did not have until recently. Woman did not have a choice to have an education, a choice to vote, a choice to choose their own sexual partner, a choice to express themselves whether it be through clothing or special talents and most of all woman did not have a choice on keeping their baby whether that child is conceive through rape or through love. Some women may have been able to settle for such atrocities but some though considered illiterate wanted a change, a voice. It’s difficult knowing that a child is a result of constant abuse, verbally and physically. Therefore we rebelled, demanding that we no longer be seen as weak and unreliable but as strong, bright and with a lot more potential than many can ever imagine. To some extent this effort succeeded, women now have the right to abort a baby in all fifty states.

After reading the beginning of this page, one may have the impression that I am applauding abortion. May I put your mind at ease and tell you that I am not disagreeing nor agreeing with abortion. However, I am acknowledging the choices that we have that wasn’t there before. Someone may abort their baby and find peace with it, someone else may abort their baby and live a life full of regrets and guilt. It all comes down to having the liberty to chose, to one question; who’s it going to be, the baby or me?