A Little Clarity, A Little Sanity




Written by Wislande Francisque

Everyone wished they knew the consequences to their action before they made them. You can only hope for the best. Before judging, reprimanding, shaming someone for aborting a baby let’s examine the situation. As much as we want this world to be judgement free, realistically it isn’t. Therefore, let’s realistically analyze the possible scenarios without bypassing any details. One possible and mostly spoken about is rape. If a child is a product of rape, the mother may not want the relive that moment for the rest of her life. However both party’s are victims, some may wonder is eliminating one victim the solution to a better life for the other victim; perhaps, perhaps not. Another scenario may be that the mother is young or feels unfortunate and feels as though they won’t sufficiently provide for their child as they would’ve wanted to.

The question that most would ask is why even have sex, knowing that there is a possibility that a child would eventually come in the picture? There is no answer to this question. Its almost rhetorical because no one has the right to tell one what they should or shouldn’t be doing with their body. Lastly, suppose that someone just does not want the baby. They’d rather go to the extreme measures to get rid of the baby. Should they be called monsters for wanting something to do something so tragic? Perhaps, perhaps not. What I am getting to is that abortion is a choice made by the mother to be or not to be, not you, not the public, not the government, no one.