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The Dilemma

I started messing this guy named Rasheed not too long ago... brownskin, 6'3, captain of the football team. And we don't use condoms, but I'm on birth control so I'm good, or I thought I was good. I got a real reality check when my home-girl Ashley got chlamydia. She told me that even with birth control, I'm not protecting myself from any STDs, and it only protects you from pregnancy. Ashley didn't even sleep around, she was faithful to her boyfriend, and he gave her chlamydia. I really need to talk to Rasheed about this. I don't want chlamydia, or ANY STD. How do I bring it up to him? Will he think I'm out here having sex with everyone? Or maybe I can use those female condoms and save him the headache... Well what would you do?