Youth Health Advocate Project (YHAP)

Youth Health Advocate Project (YHAP) reaches youth at high risk for HIV/STD/HCV and provides prevention education to young men who have sex with men (YWSM), young women who have sex with women (YWSW), homeless youth engaging in sex work, and substance users. YHAP promotes sexual health education through EBPs.

Evidenced Based Program's (EBP)

Community PROMISE

Community Promise is a community-level intervention to promote progress toward consistent HIV prevention practices through community mobilization and distribution of small-media materials and risk reduction supplies, such as condoms. In addition, YHAP, has role model stories based on personal accounts from individuals in the targeted population. These stories appeal to the target populations and reflect their culture and languages are produced approximately once a month.

Be Proud! Be Responsible! (BPBR)

A five-hour, six-part intervention that aims to prevent HIV and other STIs among adolescents ages 13 to 18 by improving their HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors through videos, role-playing, games, and exercises that reinforce learning and encourage participation.

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For further information on booking THEO for your organization, contact

AEP Director, Ms. Rucker (718) 270-3203,

YHAP Program Coordinator, Mr. Thompson, (718) 270-2356,

Chelsea Madramootoo, YHAP Program Assistant. (718) 270-2356

Agboola Alawoya, YHAP Outreach Assistant, (7180 270-2356