Learning All About the Trans Experience!


Some people may ask what a transgender is, why someone may want to come out as transgender, how to tell if someone is transgender, and more. In this blog, you will be learning a little more about the transgender community.


When a man or woman identifies as transgender it means that they identify as the opposite gender they were assigned to at birth. People who identify as transgender say that they were assigned a gender that is not true to who they are. Also for some transgender identified people, they do not want to fit into the category of male or female. They feel that those two genders do not fit them. In Latin the word “trans” means cross, meaning that transgender is another way of saying cross gender.


Coming out as transgender may be hard for some people. Some people may not want to come out as transgender because they think they might lose close friends, family members, and more things that mean a lot to them. Also they might not want to come out because they feel they would be bullied, thought of as weird, and they think that people will discriminate them.


Some of many ways that a person can come out as transgender is by knowing the person you are going to come out too, inform yourself about transgender people and or do research, being confident when coming out to someone, having patience during the process, and even reaching out to an LGBTQ hotline for advice. You should know the person you are coming out too because you have to have a person that you can trust with the information you are giving them. Being confident when you come out shows another person that it does not matter what people say you are who you are. Having patience when coming out is important because people may say ignorant things and you have to be ready for it. One LGBTQ hotline that can be called is “The Trevor Project” @ 866-488-7386.


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